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Month: May, 2014

Summer Fun List

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This Friday instead of doing a TGIF Pins post, I have decided to link up with Kym over at Travel Babbles for her Summer Fun List post. This looked like a fun idea so I am taking it upon myself to participate. There is so much to look forward to during the summer and I really do believe that this summer is going to be one of the good ones! Here are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to this season:

1. Outdoor concerts (seeing Bruno Mars in July!)
2. Cook-outs and picnics
3. Pool dates with friends
4. Little roadtrips to see friends from school
5. Fourth of July of course!
6. My birthday! (July 13)
7. Farmer’s Market days in the square
8. Spending hours laying outside and reading

What exciting things are you looking forward to this summer?

❤ Ashley


Summer Tote Picks


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Happy Hump Day everybody! I hope you’re all having a great week. It’s a little dreary here now with little peaks of sun here and there with a threat of rain which means that it will probably be a very lazy indoor day for me.

One thing on my to do list was make up a compilation of a few of my favorite totes that I would love to sport this summer but with a lack of funds will probably not! My personal favorite is the green Audrey Hepburn tote from Kate Spade! I will have this bag someday…mark my words! I also love the blue tote from Forever 21–I have a few outfits that I could definitely pair that with.

This post has made me realize that as much as I say I am a crazy shoe lady, I am slowly but surely developing a bag obsession to match.

❤ Ashley

What tote would you like to carry around this summer?

One Week

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Just one more week until I am back to working and earning money–which is very much needed. One can only survive so long on zero income. At the same time that I am excited to get back to being active and having something to do, I am a little bummed to have to give up my very lazy relaxation schedule. I will have to get used to waking up at six rather than nine, and being out the door by 7:15 am. Gone will be the days of lazily rolling out of bed and moving to the couch to be a couch potato, trying to see how many episodes of Will & Grace I can watch in one day. But that’s what days off are for, right? 😉

❤ Ashley

Are you getting any down time this summer?


Another week down! This has been kind of an uneventful week aside from re-locating the blog. I spent most of it sleeping as a matter of fact! Out of nowhere I have had trouble sleeping and with the exception of yesterday have fallen into the habit of waking up after 11 AM! I’m usually a naturally early riser and am usually able to get a jog in before it gets hot. Hopefully I can snap back to normal next week! Anyway, here are some of the pins that  caught my attention this week and made TGIF Pins!









Have a great weekend!

❤ Ashley

A Fashion Show

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One of the things that I like about being home is the walks that my mom and I sometimes take around Carlisle. There is one store in particular that we both love looking around in, Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb. I mean, it is a store teeming with vintage clothing! What’s not to love?? Every time that we go in the store it turns into a fashion show after I’ve grabbed more clothes than I can possibly carry! A few weeks ago we took another one of these trips and some of my favorite looks came out of it. The best in my opinion being the black dress with fur collar–the previous owner of it was standing right there when I came out of the dressing room…small world!

❤ Ashley

Where do you like to shop? Do you have a love of vintage too?




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Well the original plan was to move the blog to Tumblr but that did not exactly work out. Anyone want to take any guesses at how many angry spurts I had trying to get the layout to cooperate? All I knew was that I wanted to move the blog somewhere else. Not because I have a problem with Google and Blogger or anything like that, I love them! I am just the kind of person that once in awhile needs some change. This was the change that I decided that I wanted. I am very positive about this move and hope that the transition in terms of readers isn’t too tough–I’m sure it might take a bit of time!

If you have any suggestions about navigating wordpress and tips about improving the blog on this site please do share! 

❤ Ashley

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