Summer Tote Picks

by ashleyatg


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Happy Hump Day everybody! I hope you’re all having a great week. It’s a little dreary here now with little peaks of sun here and there with a threat of rain which means that it will probably be a very lazy indoor day for me.

One thing on my to do list was make up a compilation of a few of my favorite totes that I would love to sport this summer but with a lack of funds will probably not! My personal favorite is the green Audrey Hepburn tote from Kate Spade! I will have this bag someday…mark my words! I also love the blue tote from Forever 21–I have a few outfits that I could definitely pair that with.

This post has made me realize that as much as I say I am a crazy shoe lady, I am slowly but surely developing a bag obsession to match.

❤ Ashley

What tote would you like to carry around this summer?