I’m Hired!

by ashleyatg

Retail Robin knows why I can’t go back to that life (Image: here)

I really cannot complain about how my break has been since the end of the semester. I have been home for over a month and have done next to nothing. I have been able to be as lazy as can be. However, tomorrow that is all over…I am starting my new job! 🙂

I must say that I am quite excited. I’m not working in retail again this summer which is truly a blessing (you know if you work in retail too!) Instead I am going to be spending the summer as a nanny four days a week. I know, I know…kids can be a handful! But I am really positive and hopeful that this will be a fun job for the summer. Plus it’s a change of pace; no more people yelling at me about their coupons which they neglected to read the dates for.

Now I have to wake early every morning. That will probably be the hardest part, crawling out from under the covers at 6 AM. I’m a morning person, but not that kind of morning person…more like an 8 AM person. That will require a large coffee to go, please!

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to schedule blog posts, so bear with me as I acclimate to this new schedule.

❤ Ashley

Fellow students out there successful in finding jobs for the summer?