Summer Fitness

by ashleyatg

Image: here

Every summer it seems, I get into a fitness kick (at least the past few summers I have!) I am not a gym goer though…you could not pay me to go to the gym! I like to run and I also like to find workout routines to do in my home. Since summer is so nice–at least in the mornings and evenings–I like to be outside as much as possible. I run every other day, but the days that I do not run I still like to take a walk around the neighborhood which is a pretty solid workout itself.

Recently I have also gotten in to doing some of the workouts on the Tone It Up website. I found these girls through and love their videos! My favorite workout is a total body workout from their 2014 bikini series. You can find that particular video and break down of the moves here. So far everything has been great and can already tell some changes in the winter waistline that I had developed! Haha!

❤ Ashley

What workouts do you like to do during the summer?