Get a Hobby!

by ashleyatg

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Recently, in a crusade to combat boredom, I have taken up painting with watercolors. After spending the entire first month of my summer break alternating between the bed and the couch, Netflix and television, I decided that maybe my time off work should be taken up by something a little more productive yet still relaxing. Enter the idea painting. I picked up a cheap palette of colors from Michael’s and took out the un-used pad of paper that had been gathering dust on my bookshelf for the past couple of years and set to work.

The goal of all of this at this point, not only to give myself something to do, is also to create a few things that I could possibly frame and use to decorate my room in our apartment this school year! I am thinking a gallery wall could look quite nice and make the walls feel a lot less empty.

❤ Ashley

What are your hobbies?