Off To Paris!

by ashleyatg

Image: here

Haha oh I really wish I was! Unfortunately, the only way I am getting to Paris anytime soon is via daydreaming. Luckily I have stumbled onto some bloggers who aid in keeping that an active daydream with their wonderful posts filled with gorgeous photos. Here are just a few of the Paris blogs that I enjoy browsing through:

Paris in Four Months – I have been following Carin and her blog for about a year now. Her photographs are always gorgeous. It’s a treat to go her site and see beautiful buildings, restaurants and food. She also recently collaborated with SS Print Shop for a collection of Paris prints and basically I want all of them!

My Beautiful Paris –  I’m not on the site so much as I am following the gorgeous photos coming through on Norma Thiessen’s Instagram @mybeautifulpari. I get a seriously case of wanderlust off of those pictures alone!

The Paris Apartment – This is another one that I have been following for awhile. It has kind of turned into a lifestyle blog (which is totally wonderful!) but once in awhile some little French tidbits will make their way in.

Anna With Love – Paris Mondays is a feature here that I never miss! I love scrolling through amazing photographs of this city!

❤ Ashley

Do you have any Paris favorites?