Selfish Summer

by ashleyatg

Image: here

Before we left Pittsburgh for the summer, my roommate and I promised each other that we would spend the summer with only one person on our minds: ourselves, respectively. Much of our year was spent worrying about guys and friend drama and by the end that’s all we were concerned about. That’s why we decided to declare this the “Selfish Summer.”

Honestly, I think we all could use a little bit of this right? This summer we are focusing on ourselves; taking the time out to look back and see how we have grown and in what aspects we need to continue to grow. We have committed ourselves to being healthy and treating our bodies better, taking up new hobbies that we have wanted to and basically doing everything that we couldn’t because our minds were somewhere else. We even update each other about how the summer is going and what we have done (I’ve been painting and she’s learning to play guitar!)

I invite you to join us in being a little selfish this summer!

❤ Ashley

What could you do this summer to make it a little bit more about you?