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Month: July, 2014

Book Club: “Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald”

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One of the reasons that I absolutely adore summer is the fact that I have so much time to read. During school it is so difficult to find time to commit to one novel. So if you are wondering why this past few months have been fill of “Book Club” posts, that is why. Much of what I have read this summer has come from looking at everyone’s summer reading list posts. One book that I have found on several lists was “Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald” by Therese Anne Fowler. How happy was I when it popped up at Target during one of my frequent (read: completely unnecessary) trips?!

I do not know if it has come up on here yet or not but I am a huge fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing; he is my absolute favorite author. However, I have only been familiar with his work and not so much his life let alone that of his wife, Zelda. I knew only that she was from Alabama and that many (including Ernest Hemingway) considered Zelda to be one of Scott’s biggest distractions and professional hinderances.

The novel is not a biography. It actually reads very similar to “The Paris Wife” which I talked about here. It is a piece of wonderfully written historical fiction told from Mrs. Fitzgerald’s perspective. The reader has the opportunity to glimpse into what was potentially going through the mind of this reportedly wild woman. What she must have felt following her husband all around the country and even to France so that he could find the inspiration to write, only to spend more time drinking and socializing.

While the novel did make prominent Scott’s drinking problem, and Zelda’s problems that had her institutionalized from much of the ’30s and ’40s, something else stands out above that: the love story.

The Fitzgeralds were a couple who stayed together through the good and through the very bad despite the opinions of friends and family. They managed to stay together through all of the alcohol, affairs, nasty fights, illness and other factors. At one point in the book, the couple is sitting together on Christmas Eve when Zelda asks Scott why they have not divorced each other. He replies simply that she is the true love of his life regardless of everything else.

I absolutely adored this book–it was totally worth the purchase! If you are a Fitzgerald fan and a fan of the Roaring Twenties I definitely recommend this book!

❤ Ashley

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?



Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid”

Happy Hump Day people! I have never been happier to see the middle of the week–imagine how excited I will be to see the END of the week!

Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe (“All About Eve”)

In today’s installment in Things I Am Obsessed With (remember the black and white post?) I am here to fangirl over early Hollywood actors and films. I am pretty much making it my goal in life to see as many of the classic films as I can. I already have a good majority of Marilyn Monroe’s films in my collection; I am no stranger to Audrey Hepburn’s films; and I have even begun branching back to the ’20s for a few Chaplin films. 

Film poster for “Roman Holiday”

I think what I admire the most of these films is that (especially those from the ’20s!) are the dawn of film. Very few of these films were re-makes. Plus, I already told you about how I feel about black and white before: I love it!

Some of my favorites include: “City Lights,” “O’Henry’s Full House,” and “Funny Face”

❤ Ashley

What are your favorite classic films?

For the Love of Leopard


Happy Monday everyone!

It is back to work for me this morning after a wonderful week off. It is not quite as bittersweet as you would imagine since on the other side of these next three work weeks I will be moving back to school! After visiting one of my roommates for a few days this past week I am even more excited to get back.


My breaks from school could be relaxing if I was the kind of person who could sit still for more than an hour. However…I am not this person; God bless those of you who are! Instead, I having been spending a lot of time editing my room here at home. I am working on getting rid of some of my more childish touches to be replaced by my current pieces. One thing I have noticed that has not changed much through the years is the love of leopard print.


It all started with my fourth grade self falling in love with The Cheetah Girls–I know I am not the only one to go through that phase, don’t lie!


Since then I have managed to develop a love for the print that has nothing to do with ill beats and matching track suits (best scene in film history maybe?) While I am boxing up and giving away many items, the leopard will be with me for awhile…I can tell.

❤ Ashley

To Whomever It Interests…

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So I am spending this Sunday night discovering (finally!) Sherlock on Netflix, listening to records and beginning my planning for August on All That Glitters. August is typically back-to-school month and that is the theme I have kept the past two Augusts that ATG has existed. One thing that I did last year which I thought was great and which got a lovely response was having a week–usually the one before I head back to school since I am so busy getting ready!–dedicated to guest bloggers. Last year I had selected some of my favorite ladies to style their favorite back-to-school looks (check them out herehere and here.)

This time around I would like to invite bloggers to share their dream dorm decor. If you have any interest in writing and curating a nice dorm design post here on All That Glitters please e-mail me at and we can talk about the finer details. The week that I am looking to have these posts for is Aug. 11-15. This opportunity is open to everyone: perhaps you are heading into college and need an excuse to look for inspiration, you enjoy interior design, or you are already through with college and would like to share your design tips and maybe what you would have done differently. EMAIL ME! I would love to chat with you!

❤ Ashley

If the Shoe Fits

Hello. My name is Ashley and I am addicted to shoes. 

The first step is acknowledgement, right? Now it’s not like I have a room devoted to shoes–though I have been known to pin a few of those. I like to think that I have myself under control now; a college tuition and little to no space will really help a girl out with that issue. But that doesn’t mean I can’t window shop! I am constantly on Pinterest ooh-ing and ahh-ing over countless heels, flats and boots. Here are just a few of my more recent faves.


❤ Ashley

What shoes are you loving currently?

In The Details

Happy Monday everyone–and I really mean it today! I have this entire week off work so a lot of relaxing and hanging out with friends is happening this week. I’m even going to be slipping away for a few days this week to visit a friend and do some shopping! 

Today, as a continuation to shake things up and stay fresh on here, I am keeping the words to a minimum and staring a few pretty details from my room. Enjoy the little tour!

IMG_0094Despite my severe lack of records, this player gets a ton of use

IMG_0095The little craft corner of my desk. Gotta fight the boredom and glitter/paints do the trick!

IMG_0096Some pretty blooms for my birthday!

IMG_0097For every pretty thing I have, I have a piece of Captain America love. ❤


IMG_0102DIY-ed this board for my jewelry one rainy day

IMG_0104Fake flowers have staying power on my bedside table along with my more recent read “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald


And the books that I have for the pictures! 🙂


Getting ready to store away the birthday cards


Pretty places store other odds and ends (like belts and movies that don’t fit anywhere else!)

❤ Ashley

Have a great week!

Signs That We Could Be Socially Awkward In Life

Imagine this in public…

Hey all! Happy Friday! Today’s post is a contributed post that I’m thrilled to have–I love getting those kinds of emails–from Janet at Cheap Essay Writing Service. The topic that Janet chose to write about hits quite close to home for me: social awkwardness. I ooze it, man! For example, when a group of people sings Happy Birthday to me…where do I look with my eyes??? I don’t want to make eye contact! There are many more examples for me personally, but given that my birthday was last weekend I will stick with that more recent one. I will leave this bit short and let Janet explain what makes us all so awkward around each other (cuz we all have a little in us, right?!)

Social life is a highly important part of any human being. A social life can be positive or negative. A negative or troubled social life is also referred to as social awkwardness. In general, social awkwardness is the inability for a person to have a social life or to socialize in a normal manner with others. There are many causes of social awkwardness as a condition. It is also a treatable to controllable condition if well handled. A socially awkward life has several characteristics that are highly conspicuous and detectable. Some of the signs that show our social awkwardness include; Signs of nervousness- when a socially awkward person is in a social setting, they tend to be highly nervous. The high levels of nervousness and inability to relax shows and points out a highly social awkward behavior. This is because they affect one’s ability to relate with the people around. Different impact- socially awkward behavior can be depicted by one delivering or having a different impact on people than what was intended. For example, socially awkward people tell stories or jokes that others find hard to relate to or find them not funny. This is brought about by the inability to relate with others, hence tell awkward information in an attempt to drive attention from them.
Avoidance by others – socially awkward people are highly avoided by others, especially if their symptoms of the social disorder is highly evident. When people can point out socially awkward persons, they are likely to avoid being around them and also ridiculing them. This further increases their levels of social awkwardness, and may lead to complete withdrawal of an individual who has social disorders from a social life completely.
Social orders and norms- if a character has social awkwardness, they are likely not understand the social norms and orders. This is due to their high levels of anti-sociality. It leads to less exposure of the societal norms and way of life. When exposed to such norms and orders, the socially awkward person would hence not be able to relate.
Conversations- there are a few signs in conversations that show a person has a socially awkward life. In conversations for instance, a socially awkward person cannot be able to start a conversation. This is due to their high levels of nervousness and self-consciousness. They are therefore not able to approach a person for a conversation. Such people will keep to themselves in social gatherings and become completely inapproachable through their body language. Socially awkward persons also have the inability to maintain a conversation flow. They tend to only answer questions with short answers and nods. It is therefore extremely hard to hold a conversation with socially awkward people.
Self –esteem- many socially awkward people have extremely low levels of self-esteem. Self-esteem can be a cause of social awkwardness as well as a sign. For example, due to their low self-esteem, socially awkward people are not able to take compliments positively or even give compliments. They are also not able to show self-appreciation or for others. Due to their self-esteem issues, socially awkward persons tend to be inapproachable. The other sign arising from low self-esteem that shows social awkwardness is the demeaning nature of some of the affected people. In order to take attention away or to make them feel better, some socially awkward people tend to be rude or mean in addressing others.
Anxiety- socially awkward people have high levels of self-consciousness and anxiety. This is due to the fact that they are always feeling inferior and insecure. The feeling of insecurity and inferiority makes the anxious of committing to people or even talking to others, because they feel they are not good enough. Lack of proper relationships- socially awkward people have problems relating with others. This is one of the reasons why they have weak ties or no relationships at all besides their families. They are rarely making friends or maintain the few they make.

Author Bio: Janet Adams has been chosen her career as a writer to serve students working with an affordable essay writing service which helps college students in building a successful academic writing career throughout the academic years. She has been set up Masters Degree in Educational Science from a reputed university and now serving for what she foreseen. 

Have a great weekend!
❤ Ashley

Are you awkward?

When I Grow Up…

Growing up we all had a dream job–many of us (hand raised) had MANY dream jobs. Now that I am in college and am preparing myself for career girl mode I have taken a look back at my many, many dreams to see if maybe what I am working toward now is one of them. Let me tell you…it’s not. At least I don’t think it is; not now at least.

I am a Communication major. This is not something that is going to make me a rockstar, probably not a vet (but that dream was crushed when I found out blood and needles give me the heebie jeebies) or a princess. Public Relations, however, is one that advisors have listed to me that I feel I could shake with. However, that is not my dream job. My dream job is to be editor-in-chief of my own magazine–I want to start my own! Maybe communications will get me there but who really knows! 

❤ Ashley

What do you want to be when you grow up? ;P What is your dream job?

It’s All Black and White

Happy Hump Day everyone. 🙂

Today I am taking things in a different direction and sharing an interesting little tidbit about myself. I really REALLY love black and white photos. If I could have only these photos I would. There is something about black and whites that feels very classic, glamorous and a little bit more artsy in my opinion. Here a few favorites that I have found!



How could I not love that last one? 😛

❤ Ashley

What do you think of black and white photography? Beautiful? Outdated?

Closet Tour

20140715-112354-41034204.jpgGood day, folks! 

Recently I have decided that I have been kind of lazy in regards to my posting and topics. Time to buckle down and get organized! I’ve made up an editorial calendar for the rest of the month and I am getting ready to start planning August. Best to get it together before classes start up, right? I want to keep things interesting and start doing posts that I have never done before, but have always thought about doing. For example, today’s post: closet tour. Now, it isn’t much of a tour since it is nowhere near a walk-in (read: I live at home and am on a college girl budget.)

The jewelry department

Too many shoes to photograph. 🙂

This kind of organization does not last very long!

These racks are pretty packed! Haha!

Beauty station!

Also, I want to tell you about Stylitics! This is a site that I joined last year when the blog was over on Blogger. Basically what it is: you can add items to your “closet” on the site and it helps you put together outfits, keep track of what you have already worn during the week, etc. It’s a nice way of staying organized with your closet! You can also shop other people’s closets! Check out my closet, here!

❤ Ashley

What’s in your closet?