Summer Style: To The Max

by ashleyatg

Summer is my favorite season for many reasons: warm weather, swimming, barbecues…the list goes on. One of the most prominent reasons for my summer lovin’ is clothing that is donned during these months. What isn’t there to love about shorts, skirts and those pretty, flowing tops? However, my favorite thing to wear when it is gorgeous–an area I place between 70-85 degrees–is maxi dresses and skirts!

I will admit that I’m not the leggy-est lady around; but even us short girls can find a dress or skirt that we can pull off! Styled with sandals and a cute pair of aviators, maxis give off an effortless, cool and chic look! Even on those cool summer nights on the porch or the beach the maxi looks great with a light sweater pulled around it. What’s not to love about that adaptability?

❤ Ashley

How do you style your maxi?