Closet Tour

by ashleyatg

20140715-112354-41034204.jpgGood day, folks! 

Recently I have decided that I have been kind of lazy in regards to my posting and topics. Time to buckle down and get organized! I’ve made up an editorial calendar for the rest of the month and I am getting ready to start planning August. Best to get it together before classes start up, right? I want to keep things interesting and start doing posts that I have never done before, but have always thought about doing. For example, today’s post: closet tour. Now, it isn’t much of a tour since it is nowhere near a walk-in (read: I live at home and am on a college girl budget.)

The jewelry department

Too many shoes to photograph. 🙂

This kind of organization does not last very long!

These racks are pretty packed! Haha!

Beauty station!

Also, I want to tell you about Stylitics! This is a site that I joined last year when the blog was over on Blogger. Basically what it is: you can add items to your “closet” on the site and it helps you put together outfits, keep track of what you have already worn during the week, etc. It’s a nice way of staying organized with your closet! You can also shop other people’s closets! Check out my closet, here!

❤ Ashley

What’s in your closet?