For the Love of Leopard

by ashleyatg


Happy Monday everyone!

It is back to work for me this morning after a wonderful week off. It is not quite as bittersweet as you would imagine since on the other side of these next three work weeks I will be moving back to school! After visiting one of my roommates for a few days this past week I am even more excited to get back.


My breaks from school could be relaxing if I was the kind of person who could sit still for more than an hour. However…I am not this person; God bless those of you who are! Instead, I having been spending a lot of time editing my room here at home. I am working on getting rid of some of my more childish touches to be replaced by my current pieces. One thing I have noticed that has not changed much through the years is the love of leopard print.


It all started with my fourth grade self falling in love with The Cheetah Girls–I know I am not the only one to go through that phase, don’t lie!


Since then I have managed to develop a love for the print that has nothing to do with ill beats and matching track suits (best scene in film history maybe?) While I am boxing up and giving away many items, the leopard will be with me for awhile…I can tell.

❤ Ashley