by ashleyatg

Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid”

Happy Hump Day people! I have never been happier to see the middle of the week–imagine how excited I will be to see the END of the week!

Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe (“All About Eve”)

In today’s installment in Things I Am Obsessed With (remember the black and white post?) I am here to fangirl over early Hollywood actors and films. I am pretty much making it my goal in life to see as many of the classic films as I can. I already have a good majority of Marilyn Monroe’s films in my collection; I am no stranger to Audrey Hepburn’s films; and I have even begun branching back to the ’20s for a few Chaplin films. 

Film poster for “Roman Holiday”

I think what I admire the most of these films is that (especially those from the ’20s!) are the dawn of film. Very few of these films were re-makes. Plus, I already told you about how I feel about black and white before: I love it!

Some of my favorites include: “City Lights,” “O’Henry’s Full House,” and “Funny Face”

❤ Ashley

What are your favorite classic films?