Hello, August

by ashleyatg

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Good morning, world!

Today is the first day of August. -insert obligatory “summer flew by so quickly” comment- But really…it did. Most of it was spent working with just a few occasions with family and friends sprinkled in. In just over two weeks I will be moving back to the ‘Burgh with my wonderful roommates in our wonderful campus provided apartment (not trying to pay rent just yet!)

It is only fitting then that I continue my tradition of making August a themed month: back-to-school! This month I will be posting first day outfit inspirations, dorm decor that I love and recipes for the dorm when you just don’t feel like leaving your room (Pittsburgh in the winter!) Also this month I would love to get some guest bloggers on board to share some of their favorite dorm design ideas! So whether you are starting college, already in college, or already done with college but are feeling nostalgic, please feel free to email me at arizzardo.atg@gmail.com with your interest and we can talk!!

I look forward to sharing with you this month!

❤ Ashley

What are you looking forward to this month?