BTS: That First Day

by ashleyatg

Image: here

All through school one of the biggest events was back-to-school. All the stores had their big sales, class lists were highly anticipated and at least three weeks before the first day my friends and I would be calling each other with the greeting, “What are you going to wear?”

Yeah, that was over the phone. We couldn’t snap or text a picture or Skype each other while holding outfits up to the computer screen. #90skid, am I right? Last year a few guest bloggers shared their first day of school outfits on All That Glitters (herehere and here) and I even shared my own first day outfit the morning classes started (here). 

Now I am no fashion blogger but I have had quite a time as a student and do have a few tips and criteria I use for my first day outfit:

  • Athletic wear is a no for me! Not saying I NEVER wear it to class (there is such a thing as finals week!) but on the first day I like to look more put together.
  • Look at your weather app. Pretty much all people (if not you then a friend) has a smartphone that comes with a weather app on it. Dress realistically for the weather. You will be outside between classes so it’s possible rain boots and an umbrella will be part of the look.
  • Keep it casual. Do not wear your prom dress or something insanely nice to classes! There are people who try way to hard on their first day looks and lose sight of the fact that while you want to put your best foot forward and make an impression you are also…on a college campus. There’s a way to keep it simple and stand out more with how you accessorize.
  • Be you! I have always used my first day outfits as a way of showing off my personality since people do not really see it right away–I am shy as can be! It can kind of set the tone for the kind of day you’re going to have; maybe even the week.

❤ Ashley

What first day outfit tips do you have?