Style: Campus Necessities

by ashleyatg

campus style_fall

Old Navy tee | Forever 21 cardigan | Calvin Klein jeans | H&M dress

One of my biggest challenges when I started college was editing my closet. First of all, the storage provided by universities is very limited so I ended up packing in terms of seasons and breaks. I moved in with summer/fall staples and when Thanksgiving break rolled around I a brought the shorts back home and went back to school with sweaters and boots. Over the past couple of years I have started to get better at determining what I need to move out with initially. Without further ado, here is Ashley’s official “Fall Semester Wardrobe Necessities”

  • Basic tees, tanks and camis. If you haven’t tried layering yet, get ready to become the professional of it. A good idea I think is hitting up Old Navy’s t-shirt wall and gathering the colors you like to wear. H&M also has a pretty solid collection of basics. Forever 21 also has wallet friendly tees, tanks and camis. These pieces are your friends all year round!
  • Light sweaters and cardigans. If you are like me and don’t go home for fall break, your next time at home will probably be Thanksgiving. And if your campus is the University of Pittsburgh or anything with a similar climate, it will get chilly pretty quickly. Have a few sweaters and cardigans on hand for evenings out or an early morning stroll to class.
  • Jeans. Do we even need to discuss the reasoning here? Of course you should also have a couple pairs of shorts as well for when the temp is above 70! Since jeans are a go-to for me, I try to grab a quality pair when I can that will have some staying power. American Eagle has great jeans which makes the price worth it. I am also a fan of Calvin Klein jeans.
  • A few dresses and skirts. We all have those days where we like to put in an effort. Try to find some that you can easily take from day to night with a few accessories!

❤ Ashley

What are you wardrobe necessities?