Time for a Rant

by ashleyatg

Image: here

I think we could all agree that I have been very well behaved lately and that I am long over due for a good rant. The subject of today’s rant? Jeans.

I love jeans. In the autumn and winter that is all that I tend to wear because they are casual and warm. However, is it too much to ask that some brand make a wonderfully affordable, well made, gorgeously fitting pair of jeans? I cannot seem to find a pair to fit both my waist and thighs at the same time. Why, oh why this curse?! Am I the only one with this issue? Or is this a common thing and designers are so out of touch that they cannot even get our sizes correct?

In any case, I need jeans. Any tips or brands or stores that you think would be helpful? All I need is a good pair of skinny jeans that has the potential of lasting!

❤ Ashley

If you have something to rant about please feel free to do so in the comment section. This can be our rant day!