Back-to-School Blogger: Kendra’s Dorm Essentials

by ashleyatg

In one week I will be moving into my new dorm at school which means this week is all packing and running around! In order to keep up with content on the blog this week, today kicks of the Back-to-School Blogger Series here on All That Glitters! This year the bloggers will be sharing their dream dorms and dorm essentials with us. Today, Kendra from It’s a Bug’s Life is getting ready to move into her freshman dorm and what details she is planning on using in her own dorm!

Hello, my name is Kendra, and I’m from It’s a Bug’s Life !

Today I’m going to be sharing my dream dorm room with you guys, which is something I have thought about very much recently, as I will be starting college this fall! Every year I pass the dorm aisles at the store when I’m buying mundane school supplies, so it’s crazy that this year I’m the one buying dorm room essentials! As per usual, I flocked to the internet for some ideas and here’s what I found and loved:




I love the idea of having fairy lights all over my dorm in order to have softer lighting than the harsh ceiling lights. I prefer dim lighting so my dorm will be covered with these lights! I think they make a dorm feel more like home, so there really is no way to go wrong with them. All of the shapes you can make using fairy lights are also so cute and fun as well. I adore the cloud light as well, and actually found a tutorial of it on Pinterest.

Bed Canopies

image-4image-5 image-6 

Sheer fabrics used as bed canopies are so pretty, and provide some sort of privacy in a shared dorm room. I used to have one when I was younger and I loved it – it of course made me feel like Sleeping Beauty, but it really does look pretty over a bed, especially with lights added in.

Lofted Beds



Although lofted beds are more difficult to get up on, they allow so much more room everywhere else. I plan to do this in my own dorm, and put my desk and extra storage crates underneath. I love how there is a little loveseat under the bed in the first picture, though, so I might get a small chair to put under as well, but one that folds up like a camping chair.

Wall Decals



Wall decals are such great ways to really personalize your dorm – especially since you can’t paint the stark white walls! There are so many today, and you can find them both online and in stores. Most are also easy to put on and take off, so they are definitely dorm-friendly.


image-11 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


Since your dorm is your home away from home for a year, it’s a great idea to have pictures of loved ones everywhere! I love all these different ideas of hanging the photos instead of buying a bunch of picture frames, or simply sticking them all to the wall. I will be doing this in my dorm this year, and a lot of the photos will feature my cats and dogs (who I will miss very much!)

All of these ideas and pictures add up to my dream dorm – a space where I am comfortable in, and am able to relax from the hectic college life. I’m stoked about putting all of these ideas together in my dorm, and I hope you got some inspiration! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

How great are these photos! I will definitely be looking here for inspiration when it comes to hanging my lights and photos next week. 🙂

❤ Ashley

What are your dorm essentials?