Back-to-School Blogger: 10 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm

by ashleyatg

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today is the second installment of the Back-to-School Blogger Series. Today’s post is by Harriet from and highlights those dorm essentials that aren’t so much for class but rather all that other time you spend outside of class (you know…a majority of your time.)

Hi Guys!

The countdown is on for you guys going back to school, which, by the way, weirds me out, because we’re in the middle of winter and half way through our school year – yep, I’m Aussie. And you should probably also know that I’m the editor of, a massive tea lover who is a liability in a kitchen… and it’s lovely to meet you!

Anyway, Ashley has asked me to do a post on my ideal dorm space, but when I got to writing that, I realised I couldn’t because it’s something I’m still figuring out – I moved into my new apartment six months ago and I still don’t have a TV/clock/couch cushions, all of which things I think are essential to a dorm.

So I thought I’d do something different and draw up a list of the 10 items I wish someone would have told me how much I’d need. Sure you need the practical stuff like pens, notebooks, iPads, music… but these 10 items are for outside college hours. These are the essentials every girl HAS to have in her dorm if she plans on having a male visitor, especially if his name is Zac Efron.

Because let’s not forget college is as much about learning and writing essays as it about having a good time!

Enjoy, and come over and say hi sometime to me and the Flamingo Pink girls!

 Xo Harriet

You can click to buy all of the items, too.

1. Killer heels–After schlepping around campus in flats, a pair of heels transforms you from student to Part Time Victoria’s Secret model. Grab a pair in a nude shade to make your legs look longer than Candice Swanepoel’s.

Schutz Nelly – Oyster

2. Lipstick–Lipstick isn’t for everyone (my friend and beauty director at Cosmopolitan magazine Australia hates lipstick – says she always worries she has it on her teeth!) but the point is, you need something on your pout. Yes, lipstick screams siren, but good old gloss works too. Or Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment. Every Australian girl (and celeb/model/it girl) worth her bikini knows this stuff is THE BEST.

MAC Lipstick Lady Danger

3. Lingerie–You need one special set that makes you feel amazing, and that you know a guy would also want to rip it off you (not literally, that shit’s expensive!) Our tip: Steer clear of red, which can look trashy if not worn carefully.

Elle Macpherson

4. Candles–While guys can get in the mood in approximately 0.3 seconds, unfortunately for us girls, it takes a bit longer, and starts with emptying our minds (nothing is more of a buzz kill than thinking about how you forgot to give those notes to Cindy from study group!) Candles – or anything that helps you relax – is a good starting point. Just don’t forget about it and set the fire alarms off.

Diptyque Baies candle 

5. Perfume–Smell is one of the most powerful senses you’ve got, so use it to its full advantage and invest in a signature scent. (Side note: After a sleep over at his place, I have been known to spray Chanel Chance on his pillow when he wasn’t watching so he went to bed that night and smelt me. Is that a bit weird?!)

Bulgari Rose Essentielle

6. Sex book–This’ll make a nice change from all those History notes, right?! A good sex book will change your life. Read it, be inspired, and then do it.

The Everything Great Sex Book : Your Complete Guide to Passion, Pleasure, and Intimacy

7. Diary–To put all them feels down. Or the name of your latest conquest. Whatever.

Kate Spade New York Large Journal 

8. Cute pjs–Look, Arial from The Little Mermaid might be your spiritual leader, and you should defs wear her pjs, but if a guy comes round, step it up a notch. Daisy’s are cute, but not so junior he’ll think you’re on advanced placement from the 8th grade.

Topshop Daisy pjs

9. Beach body oil–This stuff is what heaven smells like. It’s light, absorbs easily and makes your skin shimmer like you’ve bathed in diamonds. Wear this stuff on your shoulders, décolletage and down the front of your shins to catch the light (we really want to be lame here and add… and his eye, but we won’t.)

Bobbi Brown Beach body oil 

10. Illuminator (& Dry Shampoo)–The two products that will SAVE YOU after a big night. The first will make you look like you slept 8 hours and stopped drinking after the third tequila shot, and for the second… Toss your head upside down, spray this stuff in with as much enthusiasm as a One Direction fan. Then massage it into your scalp and scrunch in (still with your head upside down.) Toss your hair back up and voila! Your DIY blowdry you didn’t have to leave your dorm room for!

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

Big thanks to Harriet for putting together this great post today! Also, head on over to Flamingo Pink and check out what’s up. There are some pretty great articles, ladies!

❤ Ashley

What are your non school-related essentials?