Back-to-School Blogger: Patty’s Dorm Organization Plan

by ashleyatg

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the third and final installment of the Back-to-School Blogger Series. Our guest blogger today is Patty from A Lifestyle Blog 2014. I have followed Patty since I started All That Glitters and I love all of the tips and ideas that she shares. Similar to our first blogger this week, Patty is getting ready to move into her first dorm and is sharing her organization plan with us!


First, I want to explain a little my dorm story. It will be my very first time staying in a dorm room. My semester starts this October, the last two weeks of September I am going to have an internship in a school which they recommend to have when studying for a teacher’s degree. Hence I might start moving my stuff in the first weeks of September, will stay at home during my internship and will then go back to the town my university is located without having to stress because all my stuff is already in my dorm room. At least all the huge, bulky things!


I have been collecting some bits and pieces of decoration for my future room over the last few months because I don’t want to spend like everything at once. I don’t know if I am going to be strict with my colour scheme but for now I am going to stick with the colours yellow/green/violette.

  1. I’ll bring my candles and room scents, because candles help to calm me down. Especially, while studying! I have a candle buring on my desk because it helps me to stay focused. Probably, because of the calming aspects the candle begets.
  2. I am going to bring a lot of storage bins. My room comes with a lot of shelfs already but I do bring some bins to store some little pieces in that might make look the room cluttered very easily.
  3. This little green heart-shaped plate my Mom bought for me along with the candle holder/room scent thing I talked about first. I am going to use this to put my golden cross necklace on once I am in my room or go to bed.
  4. The white heart-shaped bowl/plate I bring to store some extra bits and pieces in. Probably, my keys or anything like that that I can keep near my door and/or something I have to have on an easy reach.
  5. This mug is super cute and also do match those little things perfectly. It is also from my Mommy and I either use it as a mug (obviously!) or use it to put my pencils or makeup brushes in.
  6. The crown of roses I got to my First Communion and since I am attanding a catholic university I do want to bring it for like personal issues and memories. I do also have a rosary that I once made myself at school many, many years ago.
  7. I’ll be bringing some hanging shelfs to go in my closet, similar to the pink ones on the picture but like not round. This way I can also fold some of my clothes and create extra storage!
  8. This book is a simple lined book by paperblank that I have started to use as a cookbook. I am writing all the recipes down that I like and want to save. Moreover, this is hopefully helping me for keeping up with my healthy eating as good as it gets.
  9. I do bring my own mattress just because my landlords and caretaker recommends it to do so. Plus, I know that it is clean. 😉
  10. I will bring my beach cruiser, because I rather will go by bike to uni and Co. than by car. It is definitely more eco-friendly and does something good for one’s fitness. Last but not least…
  11.  I obviously bring my school supplies, but that is worth a seperate post.

I am super excited for starting with University and cannot even wait any longer. I might sound like a complete nerd here but I do love school, studying and all that jazz. Maybe that is why I want to become a teacher, because I want to encourage others that studying and learning is a good thing, that it is fun and helps someone grow as a person.

Hopefully, you had liked this post, I know it only covers a hint of what to need for college or university but this is actually my first year so I don’t know what it is really important and what is not.

Nonwithstanding, many thanks to Ashley for having me write today on her blog. It was a pleasure and got me an excuse for thinking about life at university and studying.


Goodbye and good luck!

Many thanks to Patty and the rest of the bloggers who participated in this year’s Back-to-School Blogger Series. I hope that this has helped those readers who are getting ready to move into their dorms for this year!

❤ Ashley

How do you keep organized in such a small space?