An Update

by ashleyatg

Yeah I know…I’ve been quiet. I did have this big, fun plan to post every single day–my editorial calendar actually had a post for every single weekday! Then I got busy. September is a big birthday month in my friend group–though I don’t think October will be much better–so this past weekend we celebrated one of my roommates birthdays and this weekend we are throwing a joint party for her and one of my other roommates whose birthday is the 25th. Jeez, right?! With the busy weekends also comes schoolwork overload. I’m pretty sure my professors have gotten together and agreed to assign me everything at once. Thanks, guys! I also started my campus job yesterday…so there’s that.

I am recalibrating my blog plan now though! I wanted to post every evening during NYFW and give you updates about what designers showed that day but that plan is pretty dead. I think what I will do is finish out this impromptu break I’m taking, wait until NYFW is over and give you a post of trends that showed through the whole week. Good plan? Good. 

❤ Ashley

How do you keep sane when there is so much to do?