Here’s Looking At You, Spring

by ashleyatg

As promised, I have compiled a little piece about some of my favorite trends from this year’s NYFW. I am very enthusiastic about some of the trends we will be seeing come spring/summer 2015.

Gingham: I really didn’t think I would like this as much as I did. When I read that gingham popped up on a few runways I just saw models wrapped in picnic blankets in my mind–that’s just my mind for ya! As long as they steer clear of the red pattern I think it’s actually a pretty cool look! I personally would wear it in small doses though; like in a skirt like this Ralph Lauren look.

Kimonos: I have already developed a kind of love affair with kimonos. I mean, I don’t have any so it’s more like a love from afar. I love how light and casual they can be but can also transition into something a little nicer. The kimono style also works as a dress as seen on the 3.1 Phillip Lim runway.

Navy: I am a big fan of solid pieces most of the time. Only once in awhile will you see me sporting a print. All black, all white, I’m there! One trend that popped up this NYFW was all navy. Solid darks are always very elegant in my opinion so I am very much on board with this trend! Just look at this piece from Proenza Schouler.

Vests: Honestly I haven’t worn anything considered a vest since my private school sweater vest days. Excuse me while I shudder and have those flashbacks. Anyhoo, I love what I have seen of this trend. Nothing of the sweater family. The length that many of them tend toward also intrigues me–they are fairly long, like this one from the Tome show.

❤ Ashley

What were your favorite trends from NYFW?