A Few Of My Favorite Things

by ashleyatg


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In case you didn’t hear, fall has officially started! Pumpkin spice everything has been rolled out and I have already seen flannels, sweaters, skinnies and boots walking down the street. As much as I like to stray from the crowd, I must say that like every other girl out there I am a sucker for fall weather. What’s not to love about the changing leaves, cooler mornings and evenings, and the soul warming beverages that are available? Above are just a few of my favorite fall things.

1 // There is nothing more cozy than having your morning cup warm in bed looking out at the leaves. Can I be anymore cliche? Answer: I can and I will.

2 // Style wise I always love deeper colors (think reds, blues and oranges) and this year I am really in to leather jackets.

3 // Along with deep colors in my fall clothes, I look to the darker end of the spectrum in my make-up as well. Deep lipsticks and nail polishes take up my make-up table these days/

4 // Just hanging out with all the leaves. I love taking walks/runs in the park in the afternoon when I am done with classes. It’s not so hot that it is unbearable, but it is not freezing either.

❤ Ashley

What are your favorite fall things?