Being Positive

by ashleyatg

Happy Monday! Today I have truly woken up on the right side of the bed despite having two exams and a paper due today. Among all of the challenges I bestowed upon myself this weekend (time to budget!) looking on the bright side and stop being a real “Debbie Downer” is very near the top. Instead of freaking out about my schedule today I am choosing to think about the fact that after these exams, I am pretty much done for the next few days. My history professor has actually given us Wednesday off class to take a breather and focus on other midterms. Maybe some other time I will talk about how I’m actually obsessed with this woman and just want to impress her with my knowledge of post-war America. #teacherspet

Also, I have gone ahead and bought what I need for my Halloween costume! Now I can cross that off the list. In entertainment news, I have started watching season 3 of New Girl on Netflix and am loving it. Plus, this week new shows are starting up for the fall. The CW will have my full attention with the season 3 premiere of Arrow and the premiere of The Flash! Note: I have a thing for superheroes. I am also excited to meet with my advisor this week to discuss classes for next semester; I have already made up a mock schedule and next semester should be so much nicer than this one. I will also be submitting my application for my certificate program. Things really are looking up on my end!

❤ Ashley

What are you looking forward to this week?