Obsessed: Sally Hansen Magnetic


My roommate, who is pretty much a certified nail Picasso in my book, recently introduced me to the beauty that is Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish. when she asked me what color I wanted her to do I said “You’ve known me for about 2 years…surprise me!” After a bit of thought she grabbed a bottle of dark gray polish and set to work. I pulled my hands away when I thought she was finished just to find out that it wasn’t over yet. “Just wait…this will be cool.” She told me–she knows how much I consider myself to be cool! She applied another coat to each nail and after she painted each nail she held the cap of the bottle which has a magnet on it over the nail and seconds later a cool metallic effect appeared. I gotta hand it to her, she knew I would like it! Days later it is still holding up and I’m still completely obsessed with it!

Target carries the polish at $6 a bottle. I’m wearing the dark gray but I do believe there are other colors to experiment with!

❤ Ashley

Have you tried this magnetic polish? Your opinions? What is your go-to polish brand?