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In The Details


Some leftovers from our party last weekend.

❤ Ashley

Happy Monday!


Birthday Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!

As I slyly indicated in yesterday’s Sunday Edition, yesterday was my birthday! That’s right; I turned the big 2-0. It’s pretty weird not to have “-teen” suffixed to that, but I will get used to it soon I’m sure.

Anyway, this was a great weekend to age up. On Saturday, my friend and I went to go see Bruno Mars in Hershey. If I wasn’t a fan before, I certainly am now–the man put on a great show! Following that we had quite the trip getting out of the parking lot. We spent about 40 minutes in the car just waiting to get out of our parking spot! That’s what happens with a sold out show I guess. It was about midnight when we started moving, so basically I turned 20 in a parking lot…I hope that doesn’t say anything about how my twenties are going to go.

My actual birthday was spent fielding Facebook birthday wishes and dinner with my family who were so kind to add to my Captain America collection. Haha! I now have a bank and bobblehead with which to decorate my dorm room. What can I say…I’m a sucker for the spangled spandex! Haha! Overall I had a lovely weekend and am fully embracing 20 and all that comes with it. Bring it on!

❤ Ashley

How was your weekend?

Joyeux Anniversaire, All That Glitters!


I must admit that work has had me very busy and even these more recent blog posts have felt quite rushed. However, I am trying to get back to into the habit of making and keeping an editorial calendar. I am going to stick to it this time!

Anyway, I am not here to talk the logistics of my blogging. I would appear that I have been so busy that I have neglected to realize that All That Glitters entered into the “terrible twos” on June 29th–though let us hope that my blogging habits do not err on the side of TERRIBLE this coming year!


I would just like to take the time to thank everyone that has stumbled upon my little corner of the internet and shared their thoughts with lovely comments. I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Get ready for another great year on All That Glitters. It is my intention to make it even better!

❤ Ashley

What have you loved so far? What are posts that you want to see more of? Comment below!