Coffee Talk


I’m not usually one to write about any strong, controversial opinions and topics on the blog. However, recently feminism has earned a big spot in the news in both the good and bad and I have to put my two cents in. Earlier in the week I watched Emma Watson’s incredible speech at the UN discussing the HeForShe campaign which encourages men and boys to join in the movement for gender equality. I loved every part of her speech; she said all of the right things (my opinion, of course!) Countless times did the voice in my head exclaim “Preach!” within that 12 minutes. That’s the good part of this.

Now for the bad. Of course I understand every movement has its critics, but never did I expect the gross reaction of the group responsible for the recent nude photo leak involving several other female celebrities. The group has threatened to release photos of Emma now, condemning her views and passion for seeing women receive equal treatment. Even more disturbing to me is the multitude of supportive comments that the group received.

It is sometimes shocking to me that there are people out there who honestly believe that women should be silent and should not put themselves out there to be successful. This opinion to me seems so antiquated! I have been so blessed to have men in my life who are so supportive and encouraging of my dreams and want to see me be successful. It is sometimes difficult for me to understand that this is not the case for everyone. For every woman out there who feels as empowered as I, there are still countless who feel oppressed. I cannot see the reasoning behind this inequality either; what makes women lesser to men? Last time I checked, women are people. We are citizens of this world right alongside men. We can think. We can provide. We can care for ourselves and others. We are capable.

I take this group’s threat against Emma as a threat against myself as well. But bravery will help to overcome it. I want her and this movement to succeed more than anything.

❤ Ashley

I know this is probably the most opinionated post I have written but I had to share my thoughts; I feel very passionately about it. What are your thoughts? Respectful discussion is welcomed.