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Refreshed and Recharged

Happy Tuesday (feels like a Monday!) I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend if you were off for Columbus Day. I know I did! Friday night we celebrated a friend’s 21st; still no update on how he faired through the night after leaving haha! Saturday I tried to do schoolwork but could not for the life of me find the motivation to do it…so I didn’t. Then Sunday night we took the bus to Kennywood for Fright Night and BOY was that fun! Shoutout to all of the actors in the haunted houses who got screams and sobs out of me. You did your job well.

I finally buckled down and did all of my work yesterday. I woke up at 9 AM and parked myself on the couch surrounded by books and wrapped in my blanket. I read close to 200 pages and began working on my PR Writing assignment. But of course I couldn’t just do all this straight through; I had to break it up. Between assignments I caught up full on Gotham and was able to watch last night’s episode. I AM OBSESSED! I only have a 3-day class week this week and am very positive and not panicky at all! I’m going to give credit to a solid and chill weekend.

❤ Ashley

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


Hello, October

Here we are! We are entering probably the greatest month in my opinion–no foolin’! October is the perfect fall month since we are just getting out of the warm but it is also not -30 outside. You can still comfortable take a trek through the park in yoga pants and a hoodie and then swing by the local coffee shop for a hot drink. The leaves are just changing and the warm colors are taking over. Plus, Halloween…I don’t have to say anything else there.

My roommates and I have our scary/Halloween movie calendar planned for the month; we are watching one every night! We are also online looking for inexpensive things to do this month. We are talking haunted houses, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hayrides and all that kind of fun. Any Pittsburghers with any suggestions? I’m also getting ready to get my Halloween costume together. In recent year I have gone as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Marilyn Monroe. This year I’m taking a break from Hollywood’s Golden Age and am opting instead for the woman of my childhood…Britney Spears. Dilemma: picking which Britney to go as. I’m caught between “Me Against the Music,” “Toxic” flight attendant, “Crazy” waitress, or just a comfortable athletic look from “…Baby One More Time.” This is a struggle (what do you think?)

❤ Ashley

What fun awaits you this October?

A Few Of My Favorite Things


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In case you didn’t hear, fall has officially started! Pumpkin spice everything has been rolled out and I have already seen flannels, sweaters, skinnies and boots walking down the street. As much as I like to stray from the crowd, I must say that like every other girl out there I am a sucker for fall weather. What’s not to love about the changing leaves, cooler mornings and evenings, and the soul warming beverages that are available? Above are just a few of my favorite fall things.

1 // There is nothing more cozy than having your morning cup warm in bed looking out at the leaves. Can I be anymore cliche? Answer: I can and I will.

2 // Style wise I always love deeper colors (think reds, blues and oranges) and this year I am really in to leather jackets.

3 // Along with deep colors in my fall clothes, I look to the darker end of the spectrum in my make-up as well. Deep lipsticks and nail polishes take up my make-up table these days/

4 // Just hanging out with all the leaves. I love taking walks/runs in the park in the afternoon when I am done with classes. It’s not so hot that it is unbearable, but it is not freezing either.

❤ Ashley

What are your favorite fall things?

Fall Style Inspiration


❤ Ashley

I love the big scarf! Will you be rocking an oversized scarf or two this fall?

My Fall Wishlist



1 // Fisherman sweaters. Don’t these sweaters just look so cozy to you?! Fisherman sweaters are on the very top of my fall wishlist this year. There is just something about the bulkiness and the cable knit style that is so quintessentially fall to me (and that carries on to winter too!)

2 // Wide-brimmed cloche. I am not typically a big hat person but I just love the look and simplicity of this style. 

3 // A good tote. To be honest, totes are on all of my wishlists. I need a good one! I love the look of the Coach Madison East/West tote in tan. 

4 // Black booties. I have an older pair of black clogs that I am looking to switch out for booties. They are stylish and provide a little more protection against the cold.

5 // Lace-up boots. As if I need more shoes, right? How cute would a pair of these look with leggings, tights or skinnies and a fisherman sweater?

❤ Ashley

What’s on your fall wishlist?