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Here’s Looking At You, Spring

As promised, I have compiled a little piece about some of my favorite trends from this year’s NYFW. I am very enthusiastic about some of the trends we will be seeing come spring/summer 2015.

Gingham: I really didn’t think I would like this as much as I did. When I read that gingham popped up on a few runways I just saw models wrapped in picnic blankets in my mind–that’s just my mind for ya! As long as they steer clear of the red pattern I think it’s actually a pretty cool look! I personally would wear it in small doses though; like in a skirt like this Ralph Lauren look.

Kimonos: I have already developed a kind of love affair with kimonos. I mean, I don’t have any so it’s more like a love from afar. I love how light and casual they can be but can also transition into something a little nicer. The kimono style also works as a dress as seen on the 3.1 Phillip Lim runway.

Navy: I am a big fan of solid pieces most of the time. Only once in awhile will you see me sporting a print. All black, all white, I’m there! One trend that popped up this NYFW was all navy. Solid darks are always very elegant in my opinion so I am very much on board with this trend! Just look at this piece from Proenza Schouler.

Vests: Honestly I haven’t worn anything considered a vest since my private school sweater vest days. Excuse me while I shudder and have those flashbacks. Anyhoo, I love what I have seen of this trend. Nothing of the sweater family. The length that many of them tend toward also intrigues me–they are fairly long, like this one from the Tome show.

❤ Ashley

What were your favorite trends from NYFW?


Welcome Back, Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicked off this morning and today’s shows displayed trends early on. Romantic silhouettes and pastel colors graced several of the runways.

Tadashi Shoji sums up his collection in just one word, “Venice.” The collection consisted of flowing gowns, capes, lace, gold, and deep blues. I have not seen pictures of all of the looks yet, but I absolutely love this one–it’s the gold, it always gets me!

Another favorite today was the BCBGMAXAZRIA show. Pastels were prominent throughout, which is always a favorite of mine. Can’t go wrong with baby blues and pinks! Florals also made an appearance in the collection–florals are pegged to be a big trend into this fall!

❤ Ashley

What NYFW shows were you loving today?

Fall Style Inspiration


❤ Ashley

I love the big scarf! Will you be rocking an oversized scarf or two this fall?

My Fall Wishlist



1 // Fisherman sweaters. Don’t these sweaters just look so cozy to you?! Fisherman sweaters are on the very top of my fall wishlist this year. There is just something about the bulkiness and the cable knit style that is so quintessentially fall to me (and that carries on to winter too!)

2 // Wide-brimmed cloche. I am not typically a big hat person but I just love the look and simplicity of this style. 

3 // A good tote. To be honest, totes are on all of my wishlists. I need a good one! I love the look of the Coach Madison East/West tote in tan. 

4 // Black booties. I have an older pair of black clogs that I am looking to switch out for booties. They are stylish and provide a little more protection against the cold.

5 // Lace-up boots. As if I need more shoes, right? How cute would a pair of these look with leggings, tights or skinnies and a fisherman sweater?

❤ Ashley

What’s on your fall wishlist?

September Letter


Happy Labor Day and happy first of the month, everybody! I must say while I appreciate the month of August, I felt the month kind of dragged a little bit. I am happy to be back in Pittsburgh and settled into my classes. I can honestly say that I am quite comfortable with all of my classes (this is first semester that I can say that!) and am very enthusiastic about what this year will bring to me. 

But before I can even think about the long term, there is so much to look forward to in the month of September. We have a few birthdays among the roommates, so there will be much celebrating, baking and eating. Football season will be kicking off–I will be spending next Sunday at the Steelers opening day game–which means Sundays will be very lazily spent in front of the TV. However, it has been brought to my attention that we can expect an early drop in temperatures here in Pittsburgh…during this month. Boo! I have not even begun to think about my fall wardrobe because I have been so enamored by how beautiful and not scorchingly hot it has been this summer.

Fashion is the name of the game this month on All That Glitters. I will be collecting and sharing my fall inspiration, favorite trends for the season, my little bits of wishful thinking and of course Fashion Week updates! That’s right, NYFW is coming up in a matter days and I am getting ready for all of the Instagram and Twitter updates. My eyes will be glued to the fashion week tags and I will be gathering (read: trying to keep up with) what happens each day to share here. I hope you are all as excited as I am for September!

❤ Ashley

What are you looking forward to this month?

Time for a Rant

Image: here

I think we could all agree that I have been very well behaved lately and that I am long over due for a good rant. The subject of today’s rant? Jeans.

I love jeans. In the autumn and winter that is all that I tend to wear because they are casual and warm. However, is it too much to ask that some brand make a wonderfully affordable, well made, gorgeously fitting pair of jeans? I cannot seem to find a pair to fit both my waist and thighs at the same time. Why, oh why this curse?! Am I the only one with this issue? Or is this a common thing and designers are so out of touch that they cannot even get our sizes correct?

In any case, I need jeans. Any tips or brands or stores that you think would be helpful? All I need is a good pair of skinny jeans that has the potential of lasting!

❤ Ashley

If you have something to rant about please feel free to do so in the comment section. This can be our rant day!

Style: Campus Necessities

campus style_fall

Old Navy tee | Forever 21 cardigan | Calvin Klein jeans | H&M dress

One of my biggest challenges when I started college was editing my closet. First of all, the storage provided by universities is very limited so I ended up packing in terms of seasons and breaks. I moved in with summer/fall staples and when Thanksgiving break rolled around I a brought the shorts back home and went back to school with sweaters and boots. Over the past couple of years I have started to get better at determining what I need to move out with initially. Without further ado, here is Ashley’s official “Fall Semester Wardrobe Necessities”

  • Basic tees, tanks and camis. If you haven’t tried layering yet, get ready to become the professional of it. A good idea I think is hitting up Old Navy’s t-shirt wall and gathering the colors you like to wear. H&M also has a pretty solid collection of basics. Forever 21 also has wallet friendly tees, tanks and camis. These pieces are your friends all year round!
  • Light sweaters and cardigans. If you are like me and don’t go home for fall break, your next time at home will probably be Thanksgiving. And if your campus is the University of Pittsburgh or anything with a similar climate, it will get chilly pretty quickly. Have a few sweaters and cardigans on hand for evenings out or an early morning stroll to class.
  • Jeans. Do we even need to discuss the reasoning here? Of course you should also have a couple pairs of shorts as well for when the temp is above 70! Since jeans are a go-to for me, I try to grab a quality pair when I can that will have some staying power. American Eagle has great jeans which makes the price worth it. I am also a fan of Calvin Klein jeans.
  • A few dresses and skirts. We all have those days where we like to put in an effort. Try to find some that you can easily take from day to night with a few accessories!

❤ Ashley

What are you wardrobe necessities?

BTS: That First Day

Image: here

All through school one of the biggest events was back-to-school. All the stores had their big sales, class lists were highly anticipated and at least three weeks before the first day my friends and I would be calling each other with the greeting, “What are you going to wear?”

Yeah, that was over the phone. We couldn’t snap or text a picture or Skype each other while holding outfits up to the computer screen. #90skid, am I right? Last year a few guest bloggers shared their first day of school outfits on All That Glitters (herehere and here) and I even shared my own first day outfit the morning classes started (here). 

Now I am no fashion blogger but I have had quite a time as a student and do have a few tips and criteria I use for my first day outfit:

  • Athletic wear is a no for me! Not saying I NEVER wear it to class (there is such a thing as finals week!) but on the first day I like to look more put together.
  • Look at your weather app. Pretty much all people (if not you then a friend) has a smartphone that comes with a weather app on it. Dress realistically for the weather. You will be outside between classes so it’s possible rain boots and an umbrella will be part of the look.
  • Keep it casual. Do not wear your prom dress or something insanely nice to classes! There are people who try way to hard on their first day looks and lose sight of the fact that while you want to put your best foot forward and make an impression you are also…on a college campus. There’s a way to keep it simple and stand out more with how you accessorize.
  • Be you! I have always used my first day outfits as a way of showing off my personality since people do not really see it right away–I am shy as can be! It can kind of set the tone for the kind of day you’re going to have; maybe even the week.

❤ Ashley

What first day outfit tips do you have?

If the Shoe Fits

Hello. My name is Ashley and I am addicted to shoes. 

The first step is acknowledgement, right? Now it’s not like I have a room devoted to shoes–though I have been known to pin a few of those. I like to think that I have myself under control now; a college tuition and little to no space will really help a girl out with that issue. But that doesn’t mean I can’t window shop! I am constantly on Pinterest ooh-ing and ahh-ing over countless heels, flats and boots. Here are just a few of my more recent faves.


❤ Ashley

What shoes are you loving currently?

Closet Tour

20140715-112354-41034204.jpgGood day, folks! 

Recently I have decided that I have been kind of lazy in regards to my posting and topics. Time to buckle down and get organized! I’ve made up an editorial calendar for the rest of the month and I am getting ready to start planning August. Best to get it together before classes start up, right? I want to keep things interesting and start doing posts that I have never done before, but have always thought about doing. For example, today’s post: closet tour. Now, it isn’t much of a tour since it is nowhere near a walk-in (read: I live at home and am on a college girl budget.)

The jewelry department

Too many shoes to photograph. 🙂

This kind of organization does not last very long!

These racks are pretty packed! Haha!

Beauty station!

Also, I want to tell you about Stylitics! This is a site that I joined last year when the blog was over on Blogger. Basically what it is: you can add items to your “closet” on the site and it helps you put together outfits, keep track of what you have already worn during the week, etc. It’s a nice way of staying organized with your closet! You can also shop other people’s closets! Check out my closet, here!

❤ Ashley

What’s in your closet?