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In the Details

IMG_0225.JPGFitzgerald novels

Hope you’re all having a great day! 

❤ Ashley



In The Details

Happy Monday everyone–and I really mean it today! I have this entire week off work so a lot of relaxing and hanging out with friends is happening this week. I’m even going to be slipping away for a few days this week to visit a friend and do some shopping! 

Today, as a continuation to shake things up and stay fresh on here, I am keeping the words to a minimum and staring a few pretty details from my room. Enjoy the little tour!

IMG_0094Despite my severe lack of records, this player gets a ton of use

IMG_0095The little craft corner of my desk. Gotta fight the boredom and glitter/paints do the trick!

IMG_0096Some pretty blooms for my birthday!

IMG_0097For every pretty thing I have, I have a piece of Captain America love. ❤


IMG_0102DIY-ed this board for my jewelry one rainy day

IMG_0104Fake flowers have staying power on my bedside table along with my more recent read “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald


And the books that I have for the pictures! 🙂


Getting ready to store away the birthday cards


Pretty places store other odds and ends (like belts and movies that don’t fit anywhere else!)

❤ Ashley

Have a great week!