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Getting Down To Business


Happy Monday! Today is the official kick-off to the 2014-2015 school year at Pitt. My apologies if my posting is a bit staggered this first few weeks. I am going to try to schedule and write posts ahead of time if I can, but bear with me as I adjust to this new schedule. I am still working with a 15 credit schedule (plus potentially a campus job if all goes well!) That being said, I have all five of my classes on Monday–I’m only going a little insane–and four on Wednesday so there will be a few days I am sure when I am not going to be able to bust out a solid paragraph for this site. I am trying though!

❤ Ashley

Have any other students started classes yet? What’s keeping you busy lately?


The Dorm Reveal: Junior Edition

Hey all! I am finally completely moved into our apartment–hence my silence Tuesday and yesterday. The first thing I was struck by when I walked in on Tuesday was the size, I was not expecting such a spacious living room/kitchen area. Then I walked back the hall to find my room. While it is smaller than I have had before, I think the size makes it seem less empty with my stuff. There isn’t so much space that I will be desperate to fill as the year passes. I took a few photos to share with you guys of the finished product!






❤ Ashley

What decorating have you done recently? Share your projects in the comments!

For the Love of Leopard


Happy Monday everyone!

It is back to work for me this morning after a wonderful week off. It is not quite as bittersweet as you would imagine since on the other side of these next three work weeks I will be moving back to school! After visiting one of my roommates for a few days this past week I am even more excited to get back.


My breaks from school could be relaxing if I was the kind of person who could sit still for more than an hour. However…I am not this person; God bless those of you who are! Instead, I having been spending a lot of time editing my room here at home. I am working on getting rid of some of my more childish touches to be replaced by my current pieces. One thing I have noticed that has not changed much through the years is the love of leopard print.


It all started with my fourth grade self falling in love with The Cheetah Girls–I know I am not the only one to go through that phase, don’t lie!


Since then I have managed to develop a love for the print that has nothing to do with ill beats and matching track suits (best scene in film history maybe?) While I am boxing up and giving away many items, the leopard will be with me for awhile…I can tell.

❤ Ashley

It’s All Black and White

Happy Hump Day everyone. 🙂

Today I am taking things in a different direction and sharing an interesting little tidbit about myself. I really REALLY love black and white photos. If I could have only these photos I would. There is something about black and whites that feels very classic, glamorous and a little bit more artsy in my opinion. Here a few favorites that I have found!



How could I not love that last one? 😛

❤ Ashley

What do you think of black and white photography? Beautiful? Outdated?

Closet Tour

20140715-112354-41034204.jpgGood day, folks! 

Recently I have decided that I have been kind of lazy in regards to my posting and topics. Time to buckle down and get organized! I’ve made up an editorial calendar for the rest of the month and I am getting ready to start planning August. Best to get it together before classes start up, right? I want to keep things interesting and start doing posts that I have never done before, but have always thought about doing. For example, today’s post: closet tour. Now, it isn’t much of a tour since it is nowhere near a walk-in (read: I live at home and am on a college girl budget.)

The jewelry department

Too many shoes to photograph. 🙂

This kind of organization does not last very long!

These racks are pretty packed! Haha!

Beauty station!

Also, I want to tell you about Stylitics! This is a site that I joined last year when the blog was over on Blogger. Basically what it is: you can add items to your “closet” on the site and it helps you put together outfits, keep track of what you have already worn during the week, etc. It’s a nice way of staying organized with your closet! You can also shop other people’s closets! Check out my closet, here!

❤ Ashley

What’s in your closet?

Summer Style: To The Max

Summer is my favorite season for many reasons: warm weather, swimming, barbecues…the list goes on. One of the most prominent reasons for my summer lovin’ is clothing that is donned during these months. What isn’t there to love about shorts, skirts and those pretty, flowing tops? However, my favorite thing to wear when it is gorgeous–an area I place between 70-85 degrees–is maxi dresses and skirts!

I will admit that I’m not the leggy-est lady around; but even us short girls can find a dress or skirt that we can pull off! Styled with sandals and a cute pair of aviators, maxis give off an effortless, cool and chic look! Even on those cool summer nights on the porch or the beach the maxi looks great with a light sweater pulled around it. What’s not to love about that adaptability?

❤ Ashley

How do you style your maxi?

Yogurt & PB Dip

Okay, so I found this online and I am pretty sure it is supposed to be a dip for fruit or graham crackers or something. However, I ended up just eating with a spoon–just want you to know the kind of person you’re dealing with here. Regardless of how it was consumed it was delicious and so quick to make!

– peanut butter (microwave so that it’s melty enough to swirl into the yogurt!)
– greek yogurt
– chocolate chips

Really I can’t give you any specific measurements for this one…use all of the ingredients as you please! The PB-yogurt ratio of mine was way imbalanced by way of the peanut butter haha!


❤ Ashley

Will you try this? Do you have any other recipes you like to use greek yogurt in?




Image: here

Well the original plan was to move the blog to Tumblr but that did not exactly work out. Anyone want to take any guesses at how many angry spurts I had trying to get the layout to cooperate? All I knew was that I wanted to move the blog somewhere else. Not because I have a problem with Google and Blogger or anything like that, I love them! I am just the kind of person that once in awhile needs some change. This was the change that I decided that I wanted. I am very positive about this move and hope that the transition in terms of readers isn’t too tough–I’m sure it might take a bit of time!

If you have any suggestions about navigating wordpress and tips about improving the blog on this site please do share! 

❤ Ashley

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