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1 // Moved into the apartment at school and I have my new desk ready for the nights of reading and writing ahead of me. I must say this is my favorite yet!

2 // One of the first meals made in our kitchen. I’m just too excited about this! Haha! We even managed to throw ourselves a little dinner party before classes started which was wonderful!

3 // While reading for fun may not find its way into my schedule too frequently now that classes have started, I am trying to read one short story from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Flappers and Philosophers” collection before bed each night.

4 // Fabulous view right? Happy to be living back on lower campus now so I can see this gorgeous view every morning.

❤ Ashley

What are you loving lately?


In the Details

IMG_0225.JPGFitzgerald novels

Hope you’re all having a great day! 

❤ Ashley


Getting Down To Business


Happy Monday! Today is the official kick-off to the 2014-2015 school year at Pitt. My apologies if my posting is a bit staggered this first few weeks. I am going to try to schedule and write posts ahead of time if I can, but bear with me as I adjust to this new schedule. I am still working with a 15 credit schedule (plus potentially a campus job if all goes well!) That being said, I have all five of my classes on Monday–I’m only going a little insane–and four on Wednesday so there will be a few days I am sure when I am not going to be able to bust out a solid paragraph for this site. I am trying though!

❤ Ashley

Have any other students started classes yet? What’s keeping you busy lately?

The Dorm Reveal: Junior Edition

Hey all! I am finally completely moved into our apartment–hence my silence Tuesday and yesterday. The first thing I was struck by when I walked in on Tuesday was the size, I was not expecting such a spacious living room/kitchen area. Then I walked back the hall to find my room. While it is smaller than I have had before, I think the size makes it seem less empty with my stuff. There isn’t so much space that I will be desperate to fill as the year passes. I took a few photos to share with you guys of the finished product!






❤ Ashley

What decorating have you done recently? Share your projects in the comments!

An Open Letter to College Freshmen

As a freshman, checking out the view from the Cathedral of Learning. Hail to Pitt!

Dear College Freshmen (the ladies namely…since I am one)

First off, welcome to college! You can now forget that high school ever happened because you are about to embark on the best years of your young life. I just wanted to pen this little note to you with my words of encouragement and a few tips for success–as a junior, I feel I am halfway qualified!

My first piece of advice: show up to class and take some kind of notes. Seems obvious but you would be surprised how many people show up the first day and you do not see them again until the final. Take a notebook, laptop, iPad, a piece of stone or whatever you want to keep you organized and at attention. You need to learn to be responsible and accountable for your education.

Next, consider you interests when picking classes. I am a communication major and at my school there are not enough credits in the comm. major alone to graduate. So considering my interests, I am also working on a U.S. history minor and a writing certificate. Do your research and take those fun classes!

Third, have fun! Go out on the weekend if that’s what you want to do! Enjoy time with your friends and make new ones. However, you should also be smart. You are probably going to have a drink (read: a few drinks) Know your limit and try not to overdo it! I swear, every obscenely drunk girl I have passed on a Friday night seems to have been a freshman. So I am going to tell you, straight up: you are a tiny lady and cannot take twelve shots and be able to tell the night’s tales at brunch the next day…it’s not happening. Stay smart and you can have a great time that you will remember!

Lastly (and very important in my opinion) explore your campus and the city or town in which it is located. The one thing I did not want to do is spend my time outside of class stuck in my dorm room. Luckily my school is in Pittsburgh where we have access to a number of museums, sports events, shopping and other wonderful things. Find out what deals being a student gets you–we get into museums for free with out IDs! Make the area your own!

Freshman year was truly a transition year. I learned a lot about myself when I came into all of this independence. Keep your mind open and follow your gut. You are smart and I believe you will be successful–hey, you made it this far! 

Good luck!
❤ Ashley

P.S. Be smart with money. It disappears quick!

Any other tips for those incoming freshies?

Back-to-School Blogger: Patty’s Dorm Organization Plan

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the third and final installment of the Back-to-School Blogger Series. Our guest blogger today is Patty from A Lifestyle Blog 2014. I have followed Patty since I started All That Glitters and I love all of the tips and ideas that she shares. Similar to our first blogger this week, Patty is getting ready to move into her first dorm and is sharing her organization plan with us!


First, I want to explain a little my dorm story. It will be my very first time staying in a dorm room. My semester starts this October, the last two weeks of September I am going to have an internship in a school which they recommend to have when studying for a teacher’s degree. Hence I might start moving my stuff in the first weeks of September, will stay at home during my internship and will then go back to the town my university is located without having to stress because all my stuff is already in my dorm room. At least all the huge, bulky things!


I have been collecting some bits and pieces of decoration for my future room over the last few months because I don’t want to spend like everything at once. I don’t know if I am going to be strict with my colour scheme but for now I am going to stick with the colours yellow/green/violette.

  1. I’ll bring my candles and room scents, because candles help to calm me down. Especially, while studying! I have a candle buring on my desk because it helps me to stay focused. Probably, because of the calming aspects the candle begets.
  2. I am going to bring a lot of storage bins. My room comes with a lot of shelfs already but I do bring some bins to store some little pieces in that might make look the room cluttered very easily.
  3. This little green heart-shaped plate my Mom bought for me along with the candle holder/room scent thing I talked about first. I am going to use this to put my golden cross necklace on once I am in my room or go to bed.
  4. The white heart-shaped bowl/plate I bring to store some extra bits and pieces in. Probably, my keys or anything like that that I can keep near my door and/or something I have to have on an easy reach.
  5. This mug is super cute and also do match those little things perfectly. It is also from my Mommy and I either use it as a mug (obviously!) or use it to put my pencils or makeup brushes in.
  6. The crown of roses I got to my First Communion and since I am attanding a catholic university I do want to bring it for like personal issues and memories. I do also have a rosary that I once made myself at school many, many years ago.
  7. I’ll be bringing some hanging shelfs to go in my closet, similar to the pink ones on the picture but like not round. This way I can also fold some of my clothes and create extra storage!
  8. This book is a simple lined book by paperblank that I have started to use as a cookbook. I am writing all the recipes down that I like and want to save. Moreover, this is hopefully helping me for keeping up with my healthy eating as good as it gets.
  9. I do bring my own mattress just because my landlords and caretaker recommends it to do so. Plus, I know that it is clean. 😉
  10. I will bring my beach cruiser, because I rather will go by bike to uni and Co. than by car. It is definitely more eco-friendly and does something good for one’s fitness. Last but not least…
  11.  I obviously bring my school supplies, but that is worth a seperate post.

I am super excited for starting with University and cannot even wait any longer. I might sound like a complete nerd here but I do love school, studying and all that jazz. Maybe that is why I want to become a teacher, because I want to encourage others that studying and learning is a good thing, that it is fun and helps someone grow as a person.

Hopefully, you had liked this post, I know it only covers a hint of what to need for college or university but this is actually my first year so I don’t know what it is really important and what is not.

Nonwithstanding, many thanks to Ashley for having me write today on her blog. It was a pleasure and got me an excuse for thinking about life at university and studying.


Goodbye and good luck!

Many thanks to Patty and the rest of the bloggers who participated in this year’s Back-to-School Blogger Series. I hope that this has helped those readers who are getting ready to move into their dorms for this year!

❤ Ashley

How do you keep organized in such a small space?

Back-to-School Blogger: 10 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today is the second installment of the Back-to-School Blogger Series. Today’s post is by Harriet from and highlights those dorm essentials that aren’t so much for class but rather all that other time you spend outside of class (you know…a majority of your time.)

Hi Guys!

The countdown is on for you guys going back to school, which, by the way, weirds me out, because we’re in the middle of winter and half way through our school year – yep, I’m Aussie. And you should probably also know that I’m the editor of, a massive tea lover who is a liability in a kitchen… and it’s lovely to meet you!

Anyway, Ashley has asked me to do a post on my ideal dorm space, but when I got to writing that, I realised I couldn’t because it’s something I’m still figuring out – I moved into my new apartment six months ago and I still don’t have a TV/clock/couch cushions, all of which things I think are essential to a dorm.

So I thought I’d do something different and draw up a list of the 10 items I wish someone would have told me how much I’d need. Sure you need the practical stuff like pens, notebooks, iPads, music… but these 10 items are for outside college hours. These are the essentials every girl HAS to have in her dorm if she plans on having a male visitor, especially if his name is Zac Efron.

Because let’s not forget college is as much about learning and writing essays as it about having a good time!

Enjoy, and come over and say hi sometime to me and the Flamingo Pink girls!

 Xo Harriet

You can click to buy all of the items, too.

1. Killer heels–After schlepping around campus in flats, a pair of heels transforms you from student to Part Time Victoria’s Secret model. Grab a pair in a nude shade to make your legs look longer than Candice Swanepoel’s.

Schutz Nelly – Oyster

2. Lipstick–Lipstick isn’t for everyone (my friend and beauty director at Cosmopolitan magazine Australia hates lipstick – says she always worries she has it on her teeth!) but the point is, you need something on your pout. Yes, lipstick screams siren, but good old gloss works too. Or Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment. Every Australian girl (and celeb/model/it girl) worth her bikini knows this stuff is THE BEST.

MAC Lipstick Lady Danger

3. Lingerie–You need one special set that makes you feel amazing, and that you know a guy would also want to rip it off you (not literally, that shit’s expensive!) Our tip: Steer clear of red, which can look trashy if not worn carefully.

Elle Macpherson

4. Candles–While guys can get in the mood in approximately 0.3 seconds, unfortunately for us girls, it takes a bit longer, and starts with emptying our minds (nothing is more of a buzz kill than thinking about how you forgot to give those notes to Cindy from study group!) Candles – or anything that helps you relax – is a good starting point. Just don’t forget about it and set the fire alarms off.

Diptyque Baies candle 

5. Perfume–Smell is one of the most powerful senses you’ve got, so use it to its full advantage and invest in a signature scent. (Side note: After a sleep over at his place, I have been known to spray Chanel Chance on his pillow when he wasn’t watching so he went to bed that night and smelt me. Is that a bit weird?!)

Bulgari Rose Essentielle

6. Sex book–This’ll make a nice change from all those History notes, right?! A good sex book will change your life. Read it, be inspired, and then do it.

The Everything Great Sex Book : Your Complete Guide to Passion, Pleasure, and Intimacy

7. Diary–To put all them feels down. Or the name of your latest conquest. Whatever.

Kate Spade New York Large Journal 

8. Cute pjs–Look, Arial from The Little Mermaid might be your spiritual leader, and you should defs wear her pjs, but if a guy comes round, step it up a notch. Daisy’s are cute, but not so junior he’ll think you’re on advanced placement from the 8th grade.

Topshop Daisy pjs

9. Beach body oil–This stuff is what heaven smells like. It’s light, absorbs easily and makes your skin shimmer like you’ve bathed in diamonds. Wear this stuff on your shoulders, décolletage and down the front of your shins to catch the light (we really want to be lame here and add… and his eye, but we won’t.)

Bobbi Brown Beach body oil 

10. Illuminator (& Dry Shampoo)–The two products that will SAVE YOU after a big night. The first will make you look like you slept 8 hours and stopped drinking after the third tequila shot, and for the second… Toss your head upside down, spray this stuff in with as much enthusiasm as a One Direction fan. Then massage it into your scalp and scrunch in (still with your head upside down.) Toss your hair back up and voila! Your DIY blowdry you didn’t have to leave your dorm room for!

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

Big thanks to Harriet for putting together this great post today! Also, head on over to Flamingo Pink and check out what’s up. There are some pretty great articles, ladies!

❤ Ashley

What are your non school-related essentials?

Back-to-School Blogger: Kendra’s Dorm Essentials

In one week I will be moving into my new dorm at school which means this week is all packing and running around! In order to keep up with content on the blog this week, today kicks of the Back-to-School Blogger Series here on All That Glitters! This year the bloggers will be sharing their dream dorms and dorm essentials with us. Today, Kendra from It’s a Bug’s Life is getting ready to move into her freshman dorm and what details she is planning on using in her own dorm!

Hello, my name is Kendra, and I’m from It’s a Bug’s Life !

Today I’m going to be sharing my dream dorm room with you guys, which is something I have thought about very much recently, as I will be starting college this fall! Every year I pass the dorm aisles at the store when I’m buying mundane school supplies, so it’s crazy that this year I’m the one buying dorm room essentials! As per usual, I flocked to the internet for some ideas and here’s what I found and loved:




I love the idea of having fairy lights all over my dorm in order to have softer lighting than the harsh ceiling lights. I prefer dim lighting so my dorm will be covered with these lights! I think they make a dorm feel more like home, so there really is no way to go wrong with them. All of the shapes you can make using fairy lights are also so cute and fun as well. I adore the cloud light as well, and actually found a tutorial of it on Pinterest.

Bed Canopies

image-4image-5 image-6 

Sheer fabrics used as bed canopies are so pretty, and provide some sort of privacy in a shared dorm room. I used to have one when I was younger and I loved it – it of course made me feel like Sleeping Beauty, but it really does look pretty over a bed, especially with lights added in.

Lofted Beds



Although lofted beds are more difficult to get up on, they allow so much more room everywhere else. I plan to do this in my own dorm, and put my desk and extra storage crates underneath. I love how there is a little loveseat under the bed in the first picture, though, so I might get a small chair to put under as well, but one that folds up like a camping chair.

Wall Decals



Wall decals are such great ways to really personalize your dorm – especially since you can’t paint the stark white walls! There are so many today, and you can find them both online and in stores. Most are also easy to put on and take off, so they are definitely dorm-friendly.


image-11 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


Since your dorm is your home away from home for a year, it’s a great idea to have pictures of loved ones everywhere! I love all these different ideas of hanging the photos instead of buying a bunch of picture frames, or simply sticking them all to the wall. I will be doing this in my dorm this year, and a lot of the photos will feature my cats and dogs (who I will miss very much!)

All of these ideas and pictures add up to my dream dorm – a space where I am comfortable in, and am able to relax from the hectic college life. I’m stoked about putting all of these ideas together in my dorm, and I hope you got some inspiration! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

How great are these photos! I will definitely be looking here for inspiration when it comes to hanging my lights and photos next week. 🙂

❤ Ashley

What are your dorm essentials?










Have a great weekend!
❤ Ashley

Details: Dorm Inspiration

Image: here

Admittedly I do not have a ton of huge writing posts lined up for August. This next week or so is my last week of work and mixed in with that I am going to begin to get started with my packing and do the last bit of shopping for school. So once in awhile I’m just going to post a little bit of inspiration to help me decide how I want to do things in my room. 

I have a few watercolors and other pieces that I have made this summer that I would like to hang and put on display. Gallery wall anyone? But the thing is I definitely am not going to be dropping money on frames. I like this idea though of framing pieces with washi tape! This is definitely a possibility.

❤ Ashley

What do you think of this idea? Any other cool ideas for a gallery wall?