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I have moved for the third and final time to a new site for my blog. In fact, I’ve rebranded completely and moved back to Blogger. I’ve just been so restless lately but still love blogging. I don’t know what I’m doing…just bear with me! Sunday Brunch is the name and blogging more regularly with more enthusiasm is the game! Please don’t hate me for this; follow the link here to explore the new blog!

❤ Ashley

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Getting Restless Again

Remember a few months ago when I moved my blog from Blogger to here on WordPress? Yeah, I am getting that rootless feeling again. I still do not think that this is my blog home and I am not as motivated to log into WordPress to edit posts. Needless to say, I am working on moving it somewhere else. I know that this is a bit tiring–I understand! I can be a frustrating individual; just ask anyone who made the decision to be friends with me. Just know that if and when the site does move, I promise to make it as smooth a transition as possible!

Thank you for at least pretending to be patient with me, I appreciate it!

❤ Ashley

Am I the only one who gets this way? Any other restless spirits out there?

Refreshed and Recharged

Happy Tuesday (feels like a Monday!) I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend if you were off for Columbus Day. I know I did! Friday night we celebrated a friend’s 21st; still no update on how he faired through the night after leaving haha! Saturday I tried to do schoolwork but could not for the life of me find the motivation to do it…so I didn’t. Then Sunday night we took the bus to Kennywood for Fright Night and BOY was that fun! Shoutout to all of the actors in the haunted houses who got screams and sobs out of me. You did your job well.

I finally buckled down and did all of my work yesterday. I woke up at 9 AM and parked myself on the couch surrounded by books and wrapped in my blanket. I read close to 200 pages and began working on my PR Writing assignment. But of course I couldn’t just do all this straight through; I had to break it up. Between assignments I caught up full on Gotham and was able to watch last night’s episode. I AM OBSESSED! I only have a 3-day class week this week and am very positive and not panicky at all! I’m going to give credit to a solid and chill weekend.

❤ Ashley

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Being Positive

Happy Monday! Today I have truly woken up on the right side of the bed despite having two exams and a paper due today. Among all of the challenges I bestowed upon myself this weekend (time to budget!) looking on the bright side and stop being a real “Debbie Downer” is very near the top. Instead of freaking out about my schedule today I am choosing to think about the fact that after these exams, I am pretty much done for the next few days. My history professor has actually given us Wednesday off class to take a breather and focus on other midterms. Maybe some other time I will talk about how I’m actually obsessed with this woman and just want to impress her with my knowledge of post-war America. #teacherspet

Also, I have gone ahead and bought what I need for my Halloween costume! Now I can cross that off the list. In entertainment news, I have started watching season 3 of New Girl on Netflix and am loving it. Plus, this week new shows are starting up for the fall. The CW will have my full attention with the season 3 premiere of Arrow and the premiere of The Flash! Note: I have a thing for superheroes. I am also excited to meet with my advisor this week to discuss classes for next semester; I have already made up a mock schedule and next semester should be so much nicer than this one. I will also be submitting my application for my certificate program. Things really are looking up on my end!

❤ Ashley

What are you looking forward to this week?

Obsessed: Sally Hansen Magnetic


My roommate, who is pretty much a certified nail Picasso in my book, recently introduced me to the beauty that is Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish. when she asked me what color I wanted her to do I said “You’ve known me for about 2 years…surprise me!” After a bit of thought she grabbed a bottle of dark gray polish and set to work. I pulled my hands away when I thought she was finished just to find out that it wasn’t over yet. “Just wait…this will be cool.” She told me–she knows how much I consider myself to be cool! She applied another coat to each nail and after she painted each nail she held the cap of the bottle which has a magnet on it over the nail and seconds later a cool metallic effect appeared. I gotta hand it to her, she knew I would like it! Days later it is still holding up and I’m still completely obsessed with it!

Target carries the polish at $6 a bottle. I’m wearing the dark gray but I do believe there are other colors to experiment with!

❤ Ashley

Have you tried this magnetic polish? Your opinions? What is your go-to polish brand?

Hello, October

Here we are! We are entering probably the greatest month in my opinion–no foolin’! October is the perfect fall month since we are just getting out of the warm but it is also not -30 outside. You can still comfortable take a trek through the park in yoga pants and a hoodie and then swing by the local coffee shop for a hot drink. The leaves are just changing and the warm colors are taking over. Plus, Halloween…I don’t have to say anything else there.

My roommates and I have our scary/Halloween movie calendar planned for the month; we are watching one every night! We are also online looking for inexpensive things to do this month. We are talking haunted houses, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hayrides and all that kind of fun. Any Pittsburghers with any suggestions? I’m also getting ready to get my Halloween costume together. In recent year I have gone as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Marilyn Monroe. This year I’m taking a break from Hollywood’s Golden Age and am opting instead for the woman of my childhood…Britney Spears. Dilemma: picking which Britney to go as. I’m caught between “Me Against the Music,” “Toxic” flight attendant, “Crazy” waitress, or just a comfortable athletic look from “…Baby One More Time.” This is a struggle (what do you think?)

❤ Ashley

What fun awaits you this October?

Weekend Wrap-Up

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.21.37 AM
Captured this brief period of excitement getting my picture taken (finally) with Roc the Panther!

To be honest, I could have done without this weekend. This one of those few weekends that just all together was not very good. I should have seen this coming when we went over to our friends’ apartment Friday night for a little get-together and it was actually pretty lame. I don’t know about you, but I feel that when I’m at what you’re selling as a party “I could totally be finishing up my paper rather than sit here and watch guys watch tv. Is this really what I dressed up for?” should not be part of my inner monologue. Fast forward to Saturday afternoon at Heinz Field for the Pitt v. Akron game. Going into this game I understood that we pretty much were guaranteed the win. Apparently our team felt that meant they could totally slack off and completely forget the basics of the game. It wasn’t a good sign when the first quarter ended and there was still no score. When I left half way through the third quarter (group projects ruin things, right?) the score was 10-14 Akron. Plenty of room for a comeback though. Buzzer sound. Oh how wrong! From what I understand we did the impossible and just got worse as the game wrapped up. In a nutshell, the Pitt Panthers lost to the Akron Zips 10-21. That just feels wrong and upsetting to say.

This feeling of disappointment segued into feelings of stress and periodic panic as I spent Saturday night and all of Sunday wrapping up my paper, finishing up this group presentation, reading 50+ pages for the same class I am delivering this presentation in and editing the pieces of my PR writing project ALL DUE TODAY!

I blame the football team for my lack of a good time this weekend.

❤ Ashley

Hopefully you had a better weekend than I did!










❤ Ashley

Have a fun weekend!!

Coffee Talk


I’m not usually one to write about any strong, controversial opinions and topics on the blog. However, recently feminism has earned a big spot in the news in both the good and bad and I have to put my two cents in. Earlier in the week I watched Emma Watson’s incredible speech at the UN discussing the HeForShe campaign which encourages men and boys to join in the movement for gender equality. I loved every part of her speech; she said all of the right things (my opinion, of course!) Countless times did the voice in my head exclaim “Preach!” within that 12 minutes. That’s the good part of this.

Now for the bad. Of course I understand every movement has its critics, but never did I expect the gross reaction of the group responsible for the recent nude photo leak involving several other female celebrities. The group has threatened to release photos of Emma now, condemning her views and passion for seeing women receive equal treatment. Even more disturbing to me is the multitude of supportive comments that the group received.

It is sometimes shocking to me that there are people out there who honestly believe that women should be silent and should not put themselves out there to be successful. This opinion to me seems so antiquated! I have been so blessed to have men in my life who are so supportive and encouraging of my dreams and want to see me be successful. It is sometimes difficult for me to understand that this is not the case for everyone. For every woman out there who feels as empowered as I, there are still countless who feel oppressed. I cannot see the reasoning behind this inequality either; what makes women lesser to men? Last time I checked, women are people. We are citizens of this world right alongside men. We can think. We can provide. We can care for ourselves and others. We are capable.

I take this group’s threat against Emma as a threat against myself as well. But bravery will help to overcome it. I want her and this movement to succeed more than anything.

❤ Ashley

I know this is probably the most opinionated post I have written but I had to share my thoughts; I feel very passionately about it. What are your thoughts? Respectful discussion is welcomed.

A Few Of My Favorite Things


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In case you didn’t hear, fall has officially started! Pumpkin spice everything has been rolled out and I have already seen flannels, sweaters, skinnies and boots walking down the street. As much as I like to stray from the crowd, I must say that like every other girl out there I am a sucker for fall weather. What’s not to love about the changing leaves, cooler mornings and evenings, and the soul warming beverages that are available? Above are just a few of my favorite fall things.

1 // There is nothing more cozy than having your morning cup warm in bed looking out at the leaves. Can I be anymore cliche? Answer: I can and I will.

2 // Style wise I always love deeper colors (think reds, blues and oranges) and this year I am really in to leather jackets.

3 // Along with deep colors in my fall clothes, I look to the darker end of the spectrum in my make-up as well. Deep lipsticks and nail polishes take up my make-up table these days/

4 // Just hanging out with all the leaves. I love taking walks/runs in the park in the afternoon when I am done with classes. It’s not so hot that it is unbearable, but it is not freezing either.

❤ Ashley

What are your favorite fall things?